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6 New Positives Spurs Jump to Orange Alert

The Medical Response Team has identified 6 additional resident cases of COVID-19, making the active case total 10. We are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases in Alaska, including a cluster of community transmitted cases in Cordova.

 The Cordova Unified Command put a plan into place early in the pandemic that includes a 5-level alert system.  We are now moving from a Level 3 Yellow Alert to a Level 4 Orange Alert. Currently the City of Cordova is not mandating the closure of business or public spaces. Decisions as to whether a business should remain open or close are inherently complex and we do not intend for the change in our alert level at this time to instruct businesses across the board. Businesses should at this time exercise diligent COVID-safe practices. As conditions change, further information will be available.

The schools will remain open and continue to follow their mitigation plan. No additional cases have been identified in the school system.

Cordova is at an especially important point in managing COVID-19 and how it affects our community. Our goal is to keep all Cordovans safe and we are asking for both individual cooperation and the support of our community. It is vitally important during this time that as a community we follow COVID-safe practices. Please keep your bubble small and reduce contact with others as much as possible.

If the case count continues to grow, Level 5 measures will be considered.

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