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Additional positive COVID-19 case confirmed

The Cordova Medical Response Team confirmed another positive COVID-19 case of an individual returning to Cordova from travel to Anchorage.

The individual is unrelated to the case identified over the weekend. The state has been notified and contact tracing has begun. As more information becomes available, the medical team will inform the City Incident Command, as appropriate.

The Cordova medical response team encourages all individuals to keep safety precautions in mind throughout the summer.

  • All travelers to Cordova (resident and non-resident) are encouraged to get tested upon return and isolate until a second test can be conducted within seven days.
  • It takes two consecutive negative tests to end your quarantine.
  • Stay self-isolated and use curbside deliveries until quarantine is complete.
  • All individuals, regardless of whether travel occurred, are encouraged to wear a mask, wash hands, and get outdoors but stay socially distant.

This time has brought unprecedented change for everyone. It is important to remember to take personal responsibility for your own health. Eating healthy, exercising, managing chronic illness, and following Covid-19 guidance will help ensure a healthy outcome for you and your loved ones.

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