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Additional Positive Identified

An additional positive was identified yesterday. This case is travel related. A separate case is also now presumed recovered, thus keeping Cordova’s total active case count at 10.

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Four Positives; Four Recovered

There were four presumed resident recoveries over the long weekend. Unfortunately, four new resident COVID-19 cases were also identified. One of these was travel-related, the other three are related to other current community cases. Cordova’s total active case count remains at 12.

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Vaccine Clinic Planned for 1/20

CCMC is expecting to receive 100 doses of the Moderna COVID vaccine next week.  These vaccines are allotted by the State of Alaska through its Phase 1b, Tier 1 COVID vaccine administration. Current State of Alaska vaccine eligibility includes: Alaskans age 65 and above  Anyone eligible in Phase 1a (healthcare workers, long-term care residents, and EMS). Eligibility criteria can also

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Three Positives; One Recovered

Three positive COVID-19 cases—one resident, and two non-residents—were identified during testing yesterday. One case is related to other active Cordova cases, while the other two are travel-related. Additionally, one previously active case is now presumed recovered. In sum, this brings Cordova’s total active case count to 12.             The City’s health alert status remains at Level 3: Proceed with Caution.

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Two Additional Resident Cases

Two additional resident cases were identified yesterday during testing. Both are travel related. These cases bring Cordova’s total active case count to 10.           

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Vaccine in Cordova

When will Cordovans 65 and older be able to receive the vaccine? The State of Alaska is allocating vaccines throughout the state. Both Ilanka Community Health Center and Cordova Community Medical Center have requested allotments for the Phase 1b, Tier 1 vaccine group, which includes Alaskans 65 and older. We have not yet received confirmed information about how many or when

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Unified Command Lowers Health Alert Level

After careful consideration, the Medical Response Team recommended to Unified Command that it lower Cordova’s COVID-19 Health Alert from Level 4, Local Outbreak Warning, to Level 3, Watch: Proceed with Caution. This recommendation was based on reduced COVID numbers in Anchorage, improved supply chain re: both PPE and testing, and the vaccination of first responders and health care providers to

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Additional Resident Positive

An additional positive resident case was identified yesterday during testing. It is unknown at this time how this person contracted the virus. This case brings Cordova’s total active case count to eight.

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Two New Resident Positives

Two new positive resident cases were identified over the weekend. Both are travel related. During this same time, five previously active resident cases have become presumed recovered. This net decrease of three active cases brings Cordova’s total positive case count to seven.

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Three New Resident Positives

Three new resident COVID-19 cases were identified yesterday, January 6th. These cases are all related to other current active cases. They bring Cordova’s total case count to 11.             The City remains at Level 4 Alert: Local Outbreak Warning.

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