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CCMC/IHC/News Release Coronavirus COVID-19

From Our Dedicated Medical Response Team

Working hard behind the scenes to keep us safe…

Medical response team has identified an 8th case. This is the second case without travel history or known exposure. All recently identified individuals are currently self-isolating and the Cordova medical team is working with the State of Alaska Section of Epidemiology and local government officials to ensure precautions are taken to protect people they may have been in close contact with.

All close contacts have been identified, provided instructions for follow-up testing, and advised on precautions to take.
To date there are 8 lab-confirmed cases, 4 active cases attributed to COVID-19 in the community of Cordova. This number only reflects lab-confirmed cases, not the total number of people in Cordova that may be infected with COVID-19, which we know is likely larger.

Many people with COVID-19 experience mild or no symptoms, but they can still spread the disease to others. This does not mean everyone in the community needs to be tested. Please check with a provider to find out if testing is appropriate for you.
We would like to emphasize the importance of continuing all known protective measures, such as: avoid all non-essential travel, practice regular hand hygiene, remain physically distant (more than six feet) from anyone who does not reside in your same household, wear a mask when in public, and frequently disinfect high-touch surfaces in your home and work such as door handles, phones, and car.

Together we can keep this contained and keep Cordova Covid safe.

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