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Cordova Residents

The City of Cordova is committed to ensuring residents have the resources needed to stay safe and healthy.


It is currently recommended by the City of Cordova Medical Response Team that all travelers into Cordova resident and non resident alike consider strict social distancing for 5 days and completing a second COVID test at the end of that time period.

Non Vaccinated resident travelers arriving home in Cordova may opt out of testing and choose to quarantine for 10 days.

Testing can be scheduled at both local medical facilities.

Cordova Community Medical Center 1 (907) 424 8200

Ilanka Community Health Center 1 (907) 424 3622

Click here for additional information on State of Alaska Travel Health Advisories.

All essential workers are required to self-quarantine upon arrival to Alaska and can only leave their residence for select purposes, which include going to an essential work position, seeking medical care, exercising or obtaining personal supplies.

Click here for information on the State of Alaska Critical Infrastructure Guidance.

 Individuals who are considered high risk should take extra precautions to limit exposure to others.

Elderly and other at-risk individuals should stay home and limit visitors to only those that are essential. Groceries and other supplies should be delivered or dropped off at their doorstop by friends/family. Anyone acting as caretaker for an elderly community member should practice strong hand washing hygiene and precautionary measures.

Click here for CDC guidance related to this subject.

Even those who are considered healthy need to take precautions to protect themselves and others in the community. Individuals are empowered to use strategies that reflect the level of COVID safe behavior they would like to achieve.

Individuals should consider the State of Alaska Alert Level, the City of Cordova Alert Level and the case count on the City of Cordova COVID dashboard when making their individual or family COVID safe plan.

COVID Safe measures for everyone:

  1. Social distance (stay six feet away from people outside your home)
  2. Wear a mask when in public
  3. Wash your hands frequently
  4. Disinfect surfaces regularly
  5. Stay home as much as possible, work from home if you can during high alert
  6. Before going to a group gathering consider the risk
  7. No non-essential travel
  8. Monitor yourself for signs of illness
Click here for CDC guidance on how to talk to friends and family about COVID 19.

There are a number of additional safety precautions in the harbor to protect residents and fishermen. Please see the Harbor COVID Operations Plan for specific details. The State of Alaska outlined additional safety measures for vessels in Health Advisory 4 Appendix 2 and 3.

The goal of the operations plan is to protect the residents of our community and ensure the fishing fleet has the amenities it needs for a successful season while adhering to additional restrictions put in place during this COVID-19 pandemic.

State travel health advisories are in place across Alaska and apply to the Cordova airport. The City of Cordova has an Airport COVID Operations Plan and established a designated area to provide COVID-19 information, mandates, expectations and protective provide gear to travelers.

At this time universal masking of both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in public spaces or when 6ft distance cannot be maintained with members outside of your household is recommended by the City of Cordova Unified Command and Medical Response Team.

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Many Cordova volunteers are producing homemade, cloth face masks. If you are in need of a cloth face covering, you may submit a request for your household members or employees. On the form, you will be asked to indicate if your order includes anyone who is an essential employee or considered high-risk. This fully volunteer effort is accepting donations of heavy-duty cotton or flannel fabric that is at least ½ yard in size. Please contact Emily Love at (503) 974-8197 if you are interested in supporting this effort.

If you become sick or experience symptoms, you should mask and immediately begin to strict socially distance. Call a local medical provider to schedule a COVID 19 test.

If someone in your household or on your vessel becomes COVID positive, that person must immediately isolate from the rest of the household or the entire household/crew must immediately self-quarantine with the sick individual. If the household/crew are considered close contacts additional instructions may be given by contact tracing. All isolation and quarantine instructions should followed to completion. Failure to do so may put others at risk and is considered a fineable offense.

Click here for more detailed information on isolation, quarantine and contact tracing provided by the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

Cordova Medical Facilities

  • Cordova Community Medical Center – (907) 424-8200
  • Ilanka Community Health Center – (907) 424-3622

All businesses should have a COVID 19 Mitigation plan and post COVID 19 safety measures and educational material for employees. Businesses may file a Mutual Aid Agreement with the City. The Mutual Aid Agreement should follow all Cordova COVID-19 Emergency Rules and comply with COVID-19 Protective Measures and Policies.

Click here for CDC information and guidance on COVID safe workplace guidance and strategies.

The Cordova Chamber of Commerce launched a Come Back Better! campaign that provides a toolkit filled with a variety of resources for businesses. 

The Bidarki Recreation Center is open for limited services and by appointment only. Patrons are encouraged to read the Bidarki Rec Center Operational Plan prior to arrival. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 424-7282. Note: the facility will close intermittently for building upgrades. Please call for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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