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A positive COVID-19 case has been identified in a school-aged child. Although the Medical Response Team does not at this time believe transmission occurred in the school setting, they are conducting a thorough investigation. The Medical Response Team is working in close contact with School Superintendent Alex Russin to facilitate a coordinated response between the MRT and the School District, to whom they offer their full support and resources.

            For more information on this individual case, and how it affects the Cordova School District moving forward, please see the excerpt from Alex’s letter to the community below:

Late this afternoon, the District was notified by a parent that their child, a student who attends Mt. Eccles Elementary, tested positive for COVID-19.

District Administration is working closely with Cordova’s Medical Response Team (MRT) to respond to this news and to continue protecting the health of our students, staff, and community by taking the following steps:

  1. All students who are considered “close contacts” of the individual who tested positive have been contacted by a member of the MRT. Any student or staff member who is considered a close contact will remain at home for a 14-day quarantine period beginning November 17, 2020.
  2. All families of Grade 2 students (the affected grade level) have been contacted and informed by school staff that, in the interest of safety and precaution related to potential exposure, all students in Grade 2, Cohorts A and B, will begin online instruction for a period of 14 days. Families in the affected grade level who were not contacted by the MRT directly are not considered close contacts and have no increased risk of exposure while at school.
  3. The school and affected areas of the classrooms have been cleaned and disinfected as part of our COVID-19 protocols and will continue to be addressed on a regular basis while the second graders are not in the building.

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