City of Cordova

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Emergency Order 2020-05 – updated operating rules for businesses

Please see this link for a PDF copy of the Cordova COVID-19 Emergency Operation Rules and Procedures, updated April 24.

Please see these associated links for State of Alaska Health Mandate 11 and Alaska Essential Services and Critical Workforce Infrastructure Order, issued March 27, the critical personal needs as defined in State of Alaska Health Mandates and the City of Cordova Acknowledgement Form.

The restrictions in this emergency order are what businesses previously faced, prior to the State of Alaska’s loosening of restrictions in its Reopen Alaska Responsibly plan, mandate 16, that took effect this morning.

All individuals and businesses in Cordova must follow additional protections put in place by the city. In addition to the state requirements, this means all travelers must quarantine for 14 days when arriving in Cordova, all individuals must wear a face covering in public, all businesses/vessels must adhere to added safety measures and complete Mutual Aid Agreements.

The city is working hard to ensure the health and safety of residents and visitors. It is coordinating with industry, businesses and community to prepare and quickly address any challenges that may arise. Cordova is expecting a large influx of fishermen and cannery workers over the next month. This will change the city’s landscape so significantly that city leaders will not discuss loosening any restrictions until those impacts are better known and the primary risk period has passed.

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