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Face coverings required

Effective 8 a.m. on April 23, per Emergency Order 2020-04.

All individuals in Cordova must wear a mask, bandana or other type of cloth protective covering over their nose and mouth when entering a building open to the public, the harbor on docks and ramps, when pumping gas or using gas station amenities, and in any other settings where social distancing of at least six feet is not possible. Individuals under the age of four, individuals with trouble breathing and individuals with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a facial covering are exempt from this rule. All individuals alone in a space requiring facial coverings under this rule are not required to wear a covering unless and until another person outside that person’s household arrives at their location.

Face coverings should:

  • fit snugly but comfortably against your nose and the side of your face,
  • be secured with ties, ear loops or fasteners. Balaclava designs also work as long as the mask does not slide down your face,
  • include multiple layers of fabric or other material to prevent respiratory droplets from passing through,
  • allow for breathing without restriction, and
  • be sturdy enough to machine wash and dry without damaging the mask or changing its shape.

When wearing a face covering, please take the following actions.

  • Make sure the face covering covers both the nose and mouth.
  • Do not remove the face covering until you return home.
  • When removing the face covering, avoid touching the front of the face covering (because it may be contaminated). Remove it by grasping the ear loops, ties, or bands and immediately discard or place in a designated container for laundering.
  • Wash your hands immediately after removing the face covering and before touching anything else.
  • Wash face coverings in hot, soapy water between uses.
  • Do not wear N-95 or surgical masks; these are needed by health care workers and first responders.
  • Do not rely on face coverings as the primary way to prevent COVID-19 transmission and be careful to avoid developing a false sense of security through the use of face coverings. Continue to follow social distancing measures, including maintaining at least six feet between yourself and others, staying at home, avoiding touching your face and washing your hands frequently. 

Because the United States is experiencing a nationwide shortage of medical supplies, including face masks, we recommend Alaskans make their own face coverings.

Many Cordova volunteers are producing homemade, cloth face masks. If you are in need of a cloth face covering, you may submit a request for your household members or employees. On the form, you will be asked to indicate if your order includes anyone who is an essential employee or considered high-risk. This fully volunteer effort is accepting donations of heavy-duty cotton or flannel fabric that is at least ½ yard in size. Please contact Emily Love at (503) 974-8197 if you are interested in supporting this effort.

See the Guide to Masks, made by Anna Laird.

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