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Fishermen and Other Businesses

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are a number of steps individuals and businesses engaged in commercial operations, sales or services physically located within the City MUST take to operate in Cordova or its waters this summer. 

Step 1: Notify the Harbormaster of your arrival (if arriving by boat).

Step 2: Immediately quarantine, as needed. See traveler quarantine requirements.

Step 3: Educate yourself and your employees of the City’s COVID-19 Emergency Rules. If you will be at the harbor for any amount of time, see the Harbor COVID Operations Plan, as well as Health Advisory No. 4 Appendix 2 for Independent Commercial Vessels and Health Advisory No. 4 Appendix 3 Protective Plan for Independent Commercial Harvesters

Step 4: File a Mutual Aid Agreement and associated health assessment form with the City within 72 hours of arrival. Send forms via email to

Step 5: If you are a captain or crewman who has not been vaccinated please consider vaccination part of your vessel health and safety plan this season. The online vaccination sign up form can be found here.

Get a PDF copy of the Vessel agreement or the Business agreement.

As of May 18, the City of Cordova is aligned with the State of Alaska’s Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan, Phase 2 and associated attachments D-T, U and V

See the Roadmap to Reopening Cordova for additional information.

Businesses that must submit plans fit these criteria:

  • Listed as an essential critical infrastructure business in Attachment A of the health mandate, and
  • Your workers must travel to enter Alaska prior to May 1 and begin work on critical infrastructure immediately. If you have workers slated to travel to Alaska after May 1, a plan must still be submitted for review.

Note: if your workers are able to complete a full 14-day self-quarantine before starting work, no plan is required. 

Do I have to submit a Mutual Aid agreement to the City as well?
Yes, but you can submit your state plan in its place along with a written statement agreeing to comply with the terms and requirements of that protocol while in the City and/or its waters.


All businesses physically open to more than five customers at one time within the City must post “COVID-19 Protective Measures and Policies” detailing the measures taken by that business to protect employees and customers from COVID-19 exposure. See a sample template for businesses.

poster, developed by the US Food and Drug Administration, may also be helpful to businesses.

The Cordova Chamber of Commerce launched a Come Back Better! campaign that provides a toolkit filled with a variety of resources for businesses. 

There are a number of additional safety precautions in place to protect both fishermen and residents. Please see the Harbor COVID Operations Plan for specific information.

The State of Alaska outlined additional safety measures for vessels in Health Mandate 17,  in Appendix 01, the Alaska Protective Plan for Commercial Fishing Vessels (Appendix 01) and Mandate 017 Acknowledgement Form (Appendix 02).

Also, there are rules everyone when in Cordova:

  1. Social distance (stay six feet away from people outside your home)
  2. Wear a mask in public when you cannot maintain social distance
  3. Wash your hands frequently
  4. Disinfect surfaces regularly
  5. Stay home as much as possible, work from home if you can
  6. Monitor yourself for signs of illness

If you have been in Alaska less than 14 days, you must self-quarantine. Essential workers may leave their residence for select purposes, which include going to the essential work location, seeking medical care, exercising or obtaining personal supplies. 

Regardless of whether quarantine is needed, all individuals in Cordova are required to practice social distancing of at least six feet, wear a face covering in public when social distancing cannot be maintained, limit travel around town and follow Cordova’s COVID-19 Emergency Rules.

Many Cordova businesses have adjusted their services to make it easier for those individuals in quarantine. See the full business list for resources available in Cordova.

Fishermen should know City rules and expectations prior to arrival in Cordova. Additional items to consider include the following:

If traveling from out-of-state, do you have a quarantine location set for your whole crew for 14 days? Quarantining on your boat is acceptable.

Does your boat need work before it can be put in the harbor? If so, you may want to plan to arrive 14 days early.

How is your crew planning to arrive in Cordova? Do you have a plan for getting them to their quarantine location? Could a vehicle be staged for them to drive into town?

Can you make arrangements for groceries and other essential items to be delivered to you or dropped off at a neutral location? 

Can someone pick up your mail for you? (The Harbormaster’s office will not accept fleet mail this season.)

If you or any of your crew develop symptoms or start to feel ill, you or the symptomatic member of your crew will need to quarantine themselves and will be prohibited from leaving your place of residence or lodging except to seek medical care.  In the event that you cannot maintain social distancing requirements between yourself and other crew members, the symptomatic individual should separate him or herself from the crew in order to quarantine effectively and in compliance with State health mandates and City Emergency Operation Rules. If you or one of your crew members is symptomatic, please call a Cordova medical center immediately.

Cordova Medical Facilities

  • Cordova Community Medical Center – (907) 424-8200
  • Ilanka Community Health Center – (907) 424-3622

Please see the Resources and Forms page for information provided by Trident Seafoods and Cordova District Fishermen United.

Frequently Asked Questions

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