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The City of Cordova will be following the Alaska State guidance for the 2022 season.

Current COVID 19 information can be found at the State of Alaska, Health and Social Services Webpage.

The above link on COVID 19 will guide you on any necessary COVID safe processes during your stay in the harbor. If you need local assistance please call one of the local medical facilities.

Ilanka Health Clinic 1 (907) 424 3622

Cordova Community Medical Center 1 (907) 424 8200


There are parts of this guidance that may or may not apply to you as a fisherman or harvester. Visit this page for the specific section related to your field.

Currently the City of Cordova does not have any additional rules or mandates in place outside of following the Alaska State Guidance.

Individuals are encouraged to make choices that best reflect the level of COVID safe behavior they wish to achieve and to be respectful of those around them.


Each local business may have different requests during the summer season. Please carry a mask or face covering with you and be respectful of a businesses request if it is made.

Masking is currently required at the airport and in both medical facilities at this time.

Most local businesses have returned to normal daily operation. Call in orders can still be requested.
AC Value Center is still doing delivery orders and groceries can be ordered for pick up at the store if needed at their online site found here.

Appointments can be made at either of the local medical facilities for vaccinations.

Ilanka Community Health Center 1 (907) 424 3622

Cordova Community Medical Center 1 (907) 424 8200

For information on when to get your booster shot click here.

Testing for Covid 19  is done at both medical facilities by appointment.

Illanka Community Health Center 1 (907) 424 3622

Cordova Community Health Center 1 (907) 424 8200

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