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Four Active Covid-19 Cases in Cordova

The City of Cordova reports additional positive COVID-19 cases today in two residents.  These cases self-presented to a local testing site with symptoms and indicated contact with a positive case identified earlier in the week.

With the identification of four cases within the last week, Cordova Medical Response Team feels it is necessary to move to a Level 3 alert to raise citizen awareness of their need to follow COVID-19 prevention protocols.  Cordova testing is available at CCMC and Ilanka Clinic at set hours.  Cordova hospital capacity remains good.  

The medical team does not want this to be cause for alarm but as an opportunity to remind everyone to remain cautious.  Cordovans are urged to do their part to keep the community safe.

  • Do the 3 W’s:
    • Wear a mask
    • Watch your distance
    • Wash your hands
  • Avoid the 3 C’s:
    • Crowded places
    • Close contact settings
    • Confined/enclosed spaces
  • Keep contacts limited and social circles small. Avoid indoor gatherings. Keep track of your contacts to aid with contact tracing if you test positive.
  • Don’t ride in cars with people who are not in your household bubble.
  • Limit your errands/outings.
  • Watch out for COVID-19 symptoms and get tested even if you have just one symptom or mild symptoms. Consider getting tested 5-14 days after any possible exposure.
  • Don’t be around others if you are not feeling well. Stay home and isolate immediately. Don’t wait, isolate.
  • If you test positive, let close contacts know so they can protect others.
  • Quarantine quickly if you are exposed to COVID-19, for a full 14 days.
  • Protect our health care system – get your flu shot, stay safe.
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