COVID-19 News

April 10 update

Information includes clarification on outdoor recreation during quarantine and small community travel exemptions, a joint work session between the Native Village of Eyak and City Council, and the Odiak Camper Park closure.

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April 8 update

Information includes new city council action and updates on the Incident Management Team task forces.

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April 7 update

Updates on playground closures, testing in Cordova, rapid testing machines, Incident Management Team growth, and small vessel and tender vessel plans.

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April 6 update

Information includes testing updates, and more on the recommendation of using cloth face coverings in public.

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April 3 update

Information includes testing in Cordova, processor plans, commercial fishing task force, how to stay informed, city facility closures and additional resources.

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April 2 update

Information includes Cordova case count and testing, a message from Cordova’s medical response team, key information points, Mutual Aid Agreement for fishermen, commercial fishing task force, city closures and ways to stay informed.

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