City of Cordova

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Update on COVID Case Reporting

The City of Cordova is updating the way it reports positive COVID-19 cases to align with State reporting and HIPPA requirements.

The Cordova COVID-19 Dashboard, online at, will be updated each weekday by 11 a.m. The daily update will reflect any changes in active, recovered and cumulative cases for residents and non-residents. Results collected Friday-Sunday will be included in Monday’s Dashboard update; however information that may have a direct impact on public safety will be disclosed immediately.

Additionally, all public information shared by the City of Cordova will strictly protect patient privacy, as outlined in federal HIPAA health information laws. These regulations prevent the City from disclosing specific details such as patient identification, symptoms and information about patient care.

“We understand people want to know as much information as possible but we must also respect each patient’s privacy,” said City Manager Helen Howarth. “Cordova is a small town and people may learn additional details through community conversations and social media, however, the City must follow certain regulations to protect sensitive patient health information. We will continue to provide pertinent COVID-19 safety information residents and visitors need to know to protect themselves and their families.”

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